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Grassroots fundraising has never been easier.

Donor Port™ allows you to swipe a donor’s credit card at any event.  It tracks the event name, donor’s name, phone number, address, email, employer, occupation, and any other customizable field you can think of.

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For Voter Registration and Petition Drives

Using Palm handheld devices equipped with E-Reg™ you can quickly scan or swipe any state driver license that has a 2D Barcode or Magnetic Strip on the back and capture the person’s first name, middle name, last name, address, state, zip code, and birth date (depending on state.)  In addition, you can also setup E-Reg™ to prompt the user with additional questions if needed.  The E-Reg™ device is then synchronized with a desktop computer and the captured data can then be exported to a text file format for importing into a database or spreadsheet application.  

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Featured Products & Services

Tracker Lite™

Welcome to the paperless campaign!

Tracker Lite™ is a software upgrade for our popular Campaign Tracker™ product line.  Using Campaign Tracker you can synchronize targeted list of voters, or membership data to Tracker Lite on any Palm OS PDA and collect information digitally.  This technology allows you to keep your information DIGITAL FROM START TO FINISH! 

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District Match

Looking for an affordable and accurate way to match your membership, constituent, or grassroots data with the newly drawn legislative and congressional districts?

Voter Solutions Geo-Append™ District Match can help.  Our redistricting consultants have compiled a nationwide library of each state's redistricted local, state, and federal maps. 

Using our proprietary address matching and GIS software we can match your organization's data to political jurisdictions with more precision and accuracy than any other zip code based matching service.  

Your organization's membership data is a very import asset when it comes to lobbying and demonstrating political influence to legislators and opinion leaders.   Get the most out of your data by increasing it's impact with Geo-Append™ District Match. 

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