How It Works
Using Palm handheld devices equipped with E-Reg™ you can quickly scan or swipe any state driver license that has a 2D Barcode or Magnetic Strip on the back and capture the person’s first name, middle name, last name, address, state, zip code, and birth date (depending on state.)  In addition, you can also setup E-Reg™ to prompt the user with additional questions if needed.  The E-Reg™ device is then synchronized with a desktop computer and the captured data can then be exported to a text file format for importing into a database or spreadsheet application.
E-Reg™ For Voter Registration and Petition Drives
For organizations doing voter registration or petition drives, E-Reg™ provides your canvassers with an effortless way to keep a digital record of everyone they register or get signatures from.  This means no more photo copying or manual data entry.  With E-Reg™, your canvassers can simply swipe or scan a driver’s license, which is required by most states when registering a new voter, and collect their name and address information in seconds.  In addition, customizable fields also allow the user to capture information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or issue preferences. 
E-Reg™ For List Building On The Fly
E-Reg™ is not just for voter registration drives.  Image organizing an event where 100,000 + people are expected to attend…  In the past it was almost impossible to collect attendee’s information in paper form.  Even if you were able to get everyone to fill out a “sign in” sheet you still have to enter that information into a spreadsheet or database.  Using E-Reg™ you can simply scan or swipe an attendee’s license and build a list of everyone who attended. 
The pricing below is based on devices equipped with Palm Tungsten E2 PDAs.  Prices may vary depending on PDA combinations.
  • 1 time event lease (7 days) $175/device 
  • Monthly lease: $350/ Month/ Device


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